The Pathology Lab

One of the most important elements of diagnosing and treating your precious pets is the ability to undertake accurate, fast pathology — the conducting and reading of a whole range of tests, from blood tests to testing for progesterone.

In most veterinary clinics all but the simplest of pathology tests are carried out by external laboratories from samples collected by the vet. It’s much the same as when your doctor sends you for tests, the doctor doesn’t do them but sends you off to the pathology centre for them to stick you with various needles.

That’s fine for humans, because the pathology collection centre is usually next door or close by. And it works for city based vets too because the specialist animal pathology labs are based in major centres and response times are reasonably quick. But in a small rural town like ours using external pathology labs means sending every sample for every test off to Melbourne and waiting for the results, a process which can take days and leave anxious pet parents with a sometimes agonising wait.

At Alpine Animal Doctors we don’t think that’s the way to provide excellence in animal healthcare so we have invested heavily in building our own fully functional pathology lab right here in the hospital. By doing so we have eliminated the need to use external laboratories for all but the most unusual and complex of tests. Our in-house equipment can handle more than 98% of all the tests we need to do, with results available in less than an hour in most cases.

Alpine Animal Doctors is the only animal hospital in the region with the ability to conduct virtually all our pathology testing in-house.

We use a range of high-tech testing equipment in the pathology lab but at the core of our setup is a Siemens Immulite 1000 Immunoassay machine. This machine is much the same as those installed in major pathology labs (including human path labs) and gives us the capability of carrying out more than 75 different tests including progesterone, digoxin, phenobarbitone and free T4, vital tests that we conduct every day.

We use various other advanced devices to complete the total pathology service we can offer our clients and patients.

The VetScan HM5 is a fully-automated 5-part differential cell counter specifically designed for veterinary applications. Using just 50uL of blood, it provides us with 22 haematology parameters with cellular histograms for 15 different species in just minutes. We use the VetScan for biochemistry testing, to complete routine annual checkups, make timely diagnoses and devise appropriate treatment plans.

In addition to these we also have equipment that provides us with ECGs (electro-cardiograms) for heart function.

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