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The ICU & Recovery Wards

Get well soon.

In the last decade or so there have been enormous strides made in veterinary medicine. In the same period the place of a pet, or pets, in a family has changed. Pets are increasingly becoming integral members of the family unit, and pet carers are placing more and more importance on their health and welfare.

One result of this has been that our pets are living longer, healthier lives and staying active longer. It also means that when a much loved pet contracts a serious illness we vets have a much greater arsenal of weapons at our disposal, in the form of medication and ongoing treatment plans, to help them recover or to manage longer term conditions.

All of that has meant that the recovery area of a well equipped animal hospital needs to change from the old idea of a few cages out the back, where seriously ill animals would be next to a pet recovering from a simple anaesthetic.

We have three recovery areas, or wards. Most of our patients are in and out of the hospital in a single day. As soon as the anaesthetic wears off they’re up in their cages and demanding to go home. These animals are housed in the general recovery ward, which is regularly monitored.

More seriously ill patients, or those needing longer recovery periods, go into our Intensive Care Unit. This ward is equipped with higher levels of monitoring equipment which allows us to keep a 24-hour watch on patients and to monitor IV drips etc.

The ICU is also home to our Humidicrib unit (NICU). Any Mum who has ever had a premmie baby will be familiar with this technology, which provides a totally sterile and controlled environment where we can supply oxygen, monitor vital signs, deliver fluids and generally monitor a patient’s health during critical periods.

Although our NICU is mostly used for new-born animals it also has a role to play in the treatment of specific conditions in older pets.

In addition to these ward areas the hospital also has an Isolation Unit, where patients with infectious diseases, or those patients at risk of infection from other patients in the hospital, can be separated to ensure any infectious disease does not spread.

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