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The Dentistry Suite

Open wide!

In our custom built Dentistry Suite we are set up to handle even the most difficult of dental work. We might not be able to give a hippo a scale and clean, but only because we couldn’t fit him through the door.

Although most animal dental care involves anaesthesia and, often, some degree of surgery, unlike most veterinary clinics, in our hospital we have opted to maintain a dental surgery completely separated from our primary surgical suites. We do this because oral health care for pets frequently involves a battle against multitudes of nasty bacteria and we will not risk contaminating the main theatre, where animals undergo serious operations and any possibility of infection or cross-contamination must be strictly contained.

The dental surgery therefore has its own anaesthesia and monitoring equipment. Apart from that and the specialised dental x-ray equipment we use, our dental tools are very similar to those you see whenever you visit your own dentist.

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