Radiology Suite

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Broken legs, cracked ribs, dislocated shoulders or hip dysplasia troubles … our pets so often manage to get themselves into situations where they damage bones. When accidents happen, the dedicated Radiology Suite at Alpine Animal Doctors is there to ensure your fur babies get the best possible diagnosis and treatment to return them to full health.

Our Radiology Suite is equipped with sophisticated digital x-ray machines capable of producing ultra sharp views of anything from a single cat’s tooth to a full skeletal view of a medium sized dog. Portable devices allow us to carry out digital x-rays on larger animals during home and farm visits.

Hospital opening hours

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Current and prospective clients are always welcome to inspect the hospital facilities at Alpine Animal Doctors. Clinic tours are strictly by appointment and can only be conducted when sterile areas (e.g., operating theatres) are not in use.

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Digital x-ray facilities

The hospital’s Radiology Suite is equipped with a high end iCR3600 Computed Radiography medical imaging system. The system allows us to obtain precisely targeted images of all parts of an animal’s body. We can x-ray the entire skeletal structure of a medium sized dog, or use specialised dental cassettes to take images of a single tooth in your pet’s mouth. Modern digital x-rays are so good we can also use them for looking at organ and soft tissue damage.

The digital images produced are many, many times sharper than the old, shadowy x-ray film and are viewed on ultra high resolution medical grade computer monitors to see the maximum image detail.

Specialised software allows us to zoom in to precise areas of the image, manipulate and rotate views to better examine specific features, and measure things like the length of a break in a bone.

Our digital x-rays are instantly available for viewing, meaning your pet will be under anaesthesia for a shorter time, reducing risks. With no old fashioned x-ray film or chemicals involved we can quickly take as many different views of your pet as we need to ensure we have sufficient data to make an accurate diagnosis, with no additional cost to you.

In complex cases digital images can quickly be emailed to specialist radiologists for examination and a second opinion. All your pet’s x-rays are digitally stored with their patient records for future reference or to send to another vet should you move out of the area.

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The iCR 3600 Computed Radiography machine at the heart of our Radiology facilities.


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