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Think this little guy rates as the cutest patient for the day!?

He was found abandoned in the paddock, but when we checked him over, his back leg was broken. Some x-rays and a cast and he's hot to trot.......well maybe no trotting for a few weeks, but he might muster a totter or two! :D
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Think this little guy rates as the cutest patient for the day!? 

He was found abandoned in the paddock, but when we checked him over, his back leg was broken. Some x-rays and a cast and hes hot to trot.......well maybe no trotting for a few weeks, but he might muster a totter or two! :D

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Barbara ClappertonWe would we be without of dedicated vet team? Fantastic work.

1 month ago
Barbara Clapperton

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Alpine Animal HospitalIt was lovely to have the Scouts here. We hope they enjoyed themselves and learnt a little bit! :D

2 months ago
Alpine Animal Hospital

Michelle DoddThey learnt alot.. i know you made the girls night with the animals... one resume will be handed in tomorrow night lol again thank you for a special night😀🐶🐶

2 months ago
Michelle Dodd

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Urgent Help - we live where there are no vets and no available animal remedies (small Papua New Guinea town) and now realise that we have poisoned our 5 month old 8kg puppy with adult doses of Panadol. She is not looking good and just wants to curl up under the house and be left alone. ... See MoreSee Less

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Alpine Animal HospitalPlease get your dog to your nearest vet urgently even if you must travel to get there, Treatment in a timely fashion is essential to give your dog the best chance of recovery and survival. There is a veterinary clinic which offers 24 hour assistance in Papua New Guinea And their number is +675 7196 0436 please contact them immediately . All the best.

3 months ago   ·  1

Peter SharplesThank you - will call - almost certainly that vet is two flights and two days travel away, all going smoothly but I will call now and see what transpires - thanks again

3 months ago

Peter SharplesJust called and phone advice was that the 500mg per day for two days (yesterday and day before) wasn't the main issue (based on no blood in watery messy (possibly wormy) yellow stools of yesterday but most likely a deadly worm infection with not much hope of recovery. True - pup had never been wormed. A second opinion here would be appreciated - thank you.

3 months ago
Peter Sharples

Peter SharplesLooking for anything that might help her recover

3 months ago
Peter Sharples

Alpine Animal HospitalUnfortunately without seeing your dog in person we are unable to offer a second opinion or a diagnosis . For general information please see our handout on paracetamol on our website. Worming your dog regularly is vital to maintain good health , many worms are also zoonotic (can be transferred to humans) so please ensure that you worm all humans in the household as soon as possible.

3 months ago
Alpine Animal Hospital

Peter SharplesThanks for your time and attention. Unfortunately, for us, it is a different world out here. We do what we can, have to be Jacks and/or Jills of all trades in many areas and seek help when we cannot find a local solution, but the latter is often not that easy to come by from a heavily regulated and cautious external first world. But truly appreciate your time and prompt responses. She (Finnegal) has just passed a very runny and very bloody stool.

3 months ago
Peter Sharples

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Being the owner of several pets, I must say that the very best vet I have ever encountered is Dr. Bek and her staff. Keep up the good work. Barbara Clapperton


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