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Vet monitored boarding at Alpine Animal Doctors

When your pets are an integral and important part of your family it can sometimes be a challenge to find appropriate and trusted facilities when you have to be away from home and cannot take your fur babies with you.

It can be particularly difficult when your pet suffers from medical conditions that need regular, controlled medication or specific daily treatments. It might be because of diabetes, hyperthyroid cats or renal (kidney) conditions.

In these circumstances many caring pet parents worry that their pet may not be receiving appropriate treatments when they must spend time in a boarding kennel. In some cases responsible kennel managers will recognise that they are not equipped to provide specific treatment protocols and will not accept animals with certain conditions.

Although our Animal Hospital is definitely not a pet boarding kennel we do offer limited facilities for medically monitored short term stays for dogs and cats with specific conditions.

When they are boarded with us your pets will be monitored by qualified veterinary nurses who are familiar with their medical history and with any specific dietary requirements. A veterinarian will also always be available if more extensive medical intervention is required. All of our guests receive individual care and attention.

Animals are individually housed in comfortable, spacious kennels and have access to companionship, outdoor areas and regular, controlled exercise.

Please note that we can only accept animals for medically monitored boarding if they are diabetic, diagnosed with hyperthyroidism or have renal disease. Animals must also have up to date and appropriate vaccination certificates. This generally means that they must be vaccinated against any diseases that may be transmissible to other animals or to humans. We will discuss your pet’s vaccination status with you when you make a booking enquiry.

Boarding your pets at Alpine Animal Doctors means you can leave home secure in the knowledge that whatever dietary, medical or clinical management they require will be strictly adhered to by our caring and compassionate staff.

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