Animal Advice

Welcome to Animal Care Central

Here’s where you’ll find Dr Bek’s collection of information and advice to help you care for your pets and your livestock. We have put together a range of helpful articles and fact sheets for most of the major species, with practical tips and advice on topics from the symptoms of important disease and health issues to feeding, training and general care and welfare. Use the links on the right to access the full article lists for each species.

Important! While we hope that these articles will help you become better informed about health issues that may affect the animals in your care, please be aware that the information provided is not a substitute for appropriate veterinary advice and treatment.

Please, do not use them to attempt to diagnose or to treat a sick animal. Home diagnosis and DIY treatments, except for the simplest of animal care, can be very dangerous and will often lead to more serious complications.

If you have an animal that appears unwell and you are not absolutely certain of the cause, always call the hospital for advice.