Getting Your Goat

The Spring 2012 issue of Talk With The Animals — the ‘goat issue’ — was the last of our printed newsletters. When it came out we were printing 11,000 copies and delivering to every single home, farm and business in the entire Alpine region, and sending hundreds of copies interstate, and overseas, to interested people who had asked to receive a copy.

We had a newsletter that was threatening to grow into a fully fledged magazine. This is not only a very expensive exercise, inevitably, the work involved was taking its toll. When deadlines began to slowly impact on the smooth running of the clinic and our client and patient service we, sadly, had to make the decision to cease publication.

It was a difficult decision and, even now, people ask us almost every day when we will be publishing again. We still hope to bring back a version of Talk With The Animals, perhaps as a digital newsletter, featuring the same in-depth and practical articles. We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, check out the last issue and get acquainted with some special bucks and does in Dr. Bek’s guide to goats, featuring a selection of the best breeds for hobby farmers. Plus strategies for preventing heartworm, all about mysterious lumps, breakfast for horses and the tale of Oscar’s tooth

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