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Well, not really, we like our weekends and our beds as much as the next person! But we do have extensive opening hours to suit your busy schedules and a veterinarian is always on-call for emergencies. If you call the normal hospital number (5756 2444) after hours and listen to the full message, you’ll be directed to our emergency numbers.

In any after hours emergency, please, always telephone first! That gives us some critical extra time to make any necessary preparations to ensure prompt and effective treatment.

(See also: What to do in an emergency)

When you call, listen carefully to the announcements and then call the emergency mobile number.

Please do not come directly to the hospital and wander around the grounds. If we are in the residence or elsewhere we will not hear you and you will be using up what might be precious time — always call first! It could save your pet’s life.

Clinic Location:
7047 Great Alpine Road
Porepunkah, VIC 3740
Postal address:
PO Box 393, Bright, VIC 3741
+61 03 5756 2444
+61 03 5756 2044

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Alpine Animal Doctors
7047 Great Alpine Road
Porepunkah, VIC 3740
PO Box 393, Bright, VIC 3741
Phone: +61 03 5756 2444
Fax: +61 03 5756 2044