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Adipose Stem Cell Therapy

 Alpine Animal Doctors is an Accredited Referral Centre for MediVet Stem Cell Therapy (SCT), a biotechnology procedure that utilises an animal’s own stem cells to mitigate the effects of severe arthritis, joint and tendon injuries, and bone fractures. Our hospital is one of only a few veterinary facilities in Victoria trained and equipped to perform this treatment in-clinic. SCT

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Vaccinations save lives. A simple series of shots when an animal is young, plus booster shots throughout the life of your pet, will provide protection against a range of serious diseases. Some of these diseases are transmissible to other animals, and in some cases to people, so you are not only protecting your own furry family you are helping keep the incidence of infectious, life threatening disease outbreaks under control.

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Implanting a microchip in your dog or cat is one of the simplest of all services offered by veterinary clinics. It’s quick, completely safe, requires no surgery or anaesthetic and there are no follow up costs or hospital visits. Once the chip is there the animal is protected for life and any vet, Council or shelter can easily read the chip and quickly locate the animal’s family.

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In modern veterinary clinics practising holistic and integrative medicine desexing is no longer an ‘all or nothing’ approach. These days there are a number of ways in which your pet can be prevented from either becoming pregnant or causing unwanted pregnancies in other dogs and cats. At Alpine Animal Doctors we offer our clients the choice of all of the available desexing options, including the very latest techniques.

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Oral health care for pets is vitally important for your pet’s overall wellbeing — just as important as keeping your own teeth and gums healthy. Alpine Animal Doctors offer an extensive range of pet dental care. In our purpose-built dental surgery we can provide treatment to fix most oral health issues, from a scale and polish of your pet’s teeth to extractions to surgery to remove tumours and abcesses affecting an animal’s gums.

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Medically Monitored Kennels

Alpine Animal Doctors offers limited facilities for medically monitored short term stays for dogs and cats with specific conditions. When they are boarded with us your pets will be monitored by qualified veterinary nurses who are familiar with their medical history and with any specific dietary requirements. A veterinarian will also always be available if more extensive medical intervention is required. All of our guests receive individual care and attention.

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Grooming & Hydrobathing

In our ‘beauty salon’ our trained beauticians can give your pet a thorough makeover that includes trimming their claws, a cut and clip for a sensational new ‘hair style’ as well as a thorough ‘shampoo and blow wave’ in our hydrobath facility. Seriously, while your fur babies will come out of our grooming area looking fresh and clean it’s also important for their overall health to keep pets clean and correctly clipped, and to ensure their claws don’t grow too long.

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Senior Wellness

Our pets are living longer, and staying active and healthy well into what we once thought of as ‘old age.’ Our Senior Pet Wellness Care program includes pathology testing to determine if your pet is suffering from age-related diseases, scans and x-rays to establish any joint or cartilage degeneration, diet and nutrition planning, and the development of individual treatment plans.

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In-House Pathology

Our in-house pathology lab is one of the best equipped facilities in regional Australia, utilising a range of modern high tech equipment that allows us to undertake an unparalleled array of tests. Almost 98 per cent of all of our testing procedures are conducted directly on our own premises, a service we believe is unique in regional Victoria.

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Soft-tissue Surgery

The Alpine Animal Doctors soft tissue service provides skilled treatment for dogs, cats and other species needing surgery for ear, nose and throat, gastrointestinal, urogenital, respiratory, thoracic and cardiac diseases. We also provide treatment for animals requiring surgery for congenital disease, cancer and the repair and reconstruction of traumatic injuries.

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