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Protect, get fit and WIN with Bayer

Bayer, one of the world’s leading animal health companies, are giving you the chance to win a $1,000 voucher to spend on Adidas sports gear.

Sorry, this offer has expired and is no longer available.

It’s spring, time to shake off the winter blues and get yourself — and your dog — fit again. Bayer, one of the world’s leading animal health companies, are giving you the chance to win a $1,000 voucher to spend on Adidas sports gear to help you get rid of the effects of a long, dreary winter! There are other prizes too, including 50 Rebel Sports vouchers worth $100 each, plus thousands of instant scratch and win prizes of $20 to spend at Alpine Animal Doctors.

To win all you have to do is purchase any pack from the Bayer Advantage Family of products for dogs and cats between September 1 and 31 October. That includes all packs of Advantage Topical Flea treatments, Advantix Flea and Tick Control, and Advocate All-in-One Parasite protection.

Every in-store purchase of any of these products at the hospital gets you a card to scratch and win a $20 voucher. Each card also has a hidden code that can be entered online at for a chance to win one of 50 Rebel Sports vouchers, valued at $100 each. Plus, every online entry automatically goes into the draw to win the major prize of a $1,000 Adidas voucher.

The Advantage Family of products covers the whole range of parasites that may affect your dog or cat during the warmer weather.

Advantage spot-on treatment for fleas and lice is one of the most effective available. Simply squeeze the contents of the tube onto the skin on the back of your dog or cat’s neck. Advantage then spreads over your pet, remaining in the oily layer of the skin, where it is effective against fleas all month long. Best of all, fleas don’t have to bite your dog to be affected, so with Advantage your pet suffers less of those painful flea bites.

Advantage offers the fastest relief from painful bites, stopping fleas biting in 3-5 minutes. Advantage is also the only topical to kill exclusively on contact, not on bite, killing adult fleas and flea larvae within 20 minutes of contact, and killing 98 to 100% of fleas before they lay eggs, and preventing development of further fleas. Advantage is available in 4 and 6 month packs.

Designed specifically for dogs, Advantix harnesses a patented combination of two proven ingredients, Imidacloprid (from Advantage) and Permethrin, to protect your dog from ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and sandflies. Advantix is the only spot-on product that not only kills ticks, but actually repels them. Repelled ticks drop off your dog before they have the chance to bite or attach.

Advocate is the most complete parasite protection for dogs and cats. One simple monthly application kills more kinds of parasites in dogs and cats than any other all-in-one topical product. Advocate eliminates fleas and flea larvae, heartworm, hookworm, roundworm and ear mites. Advocate for dogs also kills whipworm, mange mites and lice.

All of the Bayer Advantage family of products are available from the hospital retail store, and are recommended by Dr Bek.