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Carnival King and Queen

In Trinidad and Jamaica, in Rio and at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, crazily colourful costumes are a big part of the fun of Carnival.


At all the famous Carnivals around the world it’s all about the costumes. In Trinidad and Jamaica, in Rio and at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, crazily colourful costumes are a big part of the fun of Carnival.

Everybody dresses up in wild and wacky outfits featuring feathers and boas and big head dresses, creating a really colourful spectacle. We want Dr. Bek’s Carnival to be the same. One day we want our little country Carnival to feature its very own parade, complete with floats!

So we’re encouraging all you kids — and Mum and Dad too! — to dive in and create some great costumes. We don’t expect you to be able to do the really fancy costumes you’ll see in Rio, where they spend months making them. You don’t have to do that.

You can dress up as anything you like — come as a pirate or a super hero, as a fairy or just anything you fancy. The secret is to make it as bright and colourful as you can. Let your imagination run riot!

We’re looking to make the Carnival King and Queen contest a major part of Carnival at the Vets this year so we’ve got bigger and better prizes for the two winners, and heaps of great prizes for the runners-up too.

You’ll want to dress up your pet too. Matching costumes are great and if you and your pet are in costume you’ll have the best chance of winning the big prizes!

This year the Carnival King and Queen will also be crowned with their very own crown and tiara — and you’ll get a photo of you and your pet being crowned. You might even get in the paper so start planning those costumes now — you have nearly six weeks to make it great! Good luck!

Adults can’t be crowned Carnival King or Queen, that’s for the kids, but you can enter the costume parade, with your pet and we have a great prize just for those adults who like to get into the spirit of Carnival.

The best costume worn by an adult and their pet will win a dinner for two at one of our best local restaurants. And there’ll be prizes of pet products for adults too.

TIP: The traditional colours at carnival are purple, green and gold (and purple and green are Dr. Bek’s favourite colours too!).

TIP: The Carnival King & Queen Parade happens early so bring something comfortable to change into after the parade. You don’t want to ruin your costume when you play all the games at Carnival.