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Baby wombat survives car accident

Our newest veterinarian, Dr. Nicole, had her first close up and personal encounter with a wild baby wombat recently, in tragic circumstances.


The baby was rescued, alive and unharmed, from her mother’s pouch after mum was killed by a car. Following a check-up by Dr. Bek and Dr. Nicole the lucky wombat was sent to a wildlife centre where the little guy will be cared for until old enough to be returned to the bush.

It’s a timely reminder that we live in a rural area surrounded by forest and bushland populated with many different species of native animals and that, when driving, we all need to be ever vigilant and aware that, sometimes, these creatures venture onto the roads and into the dangers of urban areas.

We ask everyone in the community to take care and watch for wildlife on our roads but we know that sometimes accidents do happen. If you are unfortunate to hit an animal while in your car, please always stop and check for signs of life. And with those species who carry their young, always check the animal’s pouch for a baby. Amazingly, as in this case, the babies can often survive.

If the animal is still alive, please call the hospital emergency number (03 5756 2444). We will always respond to a call for help for an injured native animal. It costs you nothing. At Alpine Animal Doctors we see helping injured wildlife as an integral part of our relationship with the wider community. We do not charge either the good samaritans who bring injured wildlife to us, or the local wildlife rescue organisations to whom they go for rehabilitation, for any veterinary care a wild animal may require.