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Bath Time for Turner

Meet Turner, Dr Bek’s much loved 12-year old West Highland Terrier. Like most of her breed she’s hyperactive and spends her days playing with the Neapolitan Mastiffs who also call the hospital home. Playing outside she can get get very dirty, and needs regular bathing and grooming to avoid her disappearing under a cocoon of mud and dirt.

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Alex goes walkabout …again

Alex, the clinic’s much loved resident Galah, has managed to get out of his cage and has taken off into the wide blue yonder. We’re all devastated of course, but we’re hopeful he will find his way back home. The last time he did this he was missing for five days but, with the help of the local community, was found safe and well, just very hungry.

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Carnival photos now online

With the Carnival statistics all tallied up we’re delighted to announce that despite all the wet weather we had to contend with, this year’s Carnival turned out to be quite a bit bigger than last year.

Visitor numbers were well up on last year, with an increased number of pets coming along to join the fun. We didn’t quite double our numbers but we came very close!

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Rain can’t dampen Carnival spirit

Despite early rain and the threat of showers all day on Sunday, Carnival at the Vets 2012 proved local animal lovers won’t let the weather cheat them of a great day out for the family and their pets.

Hundreds of people turned up to Dr. Bek’s Big Day Out for Pets, bringing along their furry families to join in the fun.

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Edge 102.1 FM sponsors Carnival

Alpine Animal Doctors is excited to announce that Edge 102.1FM and 1566AM 3NE — the region’s two most popular radio stations — have come on board as a major sponsor of Dr Bek’s Carnival at the Vets 2012!

Edge FM and 3 NE are very generously helping us to tell everybody in the region about our Big Day Out for Pets, providing air time to publicise the event and generally getting right behind our goal of making our huge fun day out for local families and their pets an annual event.

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Countdown to Carnival

Get ready to Samba with spaniels and Limbo with Labradors — the countdown has begun to what we think is going to be a really exciting and entertaining day for everyone. This year’s Carnival takes place on Sunday, 22 April from 11 am to 3 pm in the Alpine Animal Hospital grounds at 7047 Great Alpine Road, Porepunkah.

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Get ready for Carnival at the Vets!

he date for Carnival at the Vets 2012 has been finalised. This year, Dr. Bek’s Big Day Out for Pets will be held on Sunday, 22 April from 11 am to 3 pm.

As usual, Carnival will take place in the grounds of the Alpine Animal Doctors’ animal hospital located at 7047 Great Alpine Road, Porepunkah. Limited parking is available outside the hospital grounds.

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Carnival King and Queen

At all the famous Carnivals around the world it’s all about the costumes. In Trinidad and Jamaica, in Rio and at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, crazily colourful costumes are a big part of the fun of Carnival.

Everybody dresses up in wild and wacky outfits featuring feathers and boas and big head dresses, creating a really colourful spectacle. We want Dr. Bek’s Carnival to be the same. One day we want our little country Carnival to feature its very own parade, complete with floats!

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Carnival Games & Activities

This year, Carnival at the Vets will feature even more fun games and activities for all ages. All your favourite games are back but we’ve added some exciting new ones! From the all-time favourite, Fetch the Sausage to Find Spot’s Spots to new games like Treasure Hunt for the littlies, Carnival at the Vets 2012 promises a feast of fun for the family.

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