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Paralysis Tick warning

We want to warn dog owners planning to travel away from the Alpine area, either out of state to coastal NSW or Queensland or to coastal Victoria, of the very high dangers of your dog (or your cat if he or she travels with you) picking up a potentially fatal paralysis tick while you are away.
With our cooler climate and higher altitude we rarely see paralysis ticks in the Alpine region (although they are found here), which probably tends to make local dog owners less likely to be aware of the risks. However, Dr. Bek has seen two cases of dogs suffering paralysis tick poisoning in just the last two weeks. In both cases the dogs had travelled with their family to the coast, where ticks are far more prevalent.

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Blessed Creatures

Our very first Pet Memorial Day and Blessing of the Animals has come and gone, and proved to be a great success. There was plenty of emotion, and not a few tears were shed at the service held on Sunday, 9 October, but there was also plenty of joy and laughter as more than forty of the Alpine region’s animal lovers and their furry families came together to remember the pets that have passed on, and to celebrate the important role that our pets play in the lives of so many people.

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Updated 14 Sept: Avian virus spreads to racing pigeons

t has been confirmed that the virulent new strain of avian paramyxovirus discovered in Victoria two weeks ago has now spread to racing pigeons. The virus is responsible for deaths in flocks of domesticated pigeons on at least six properties. The State Government has now quarantined 25 properties. The Department of Primary Industries believe the outbreak is still contained to the Melbourne and Shepparton area and is asking owners to avoid all pigeon racing to prevent the further spread of the deadly diseases, which can also affect commercial poultry flocks and native birds.

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