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Carnival King and Queen

At all the famous Carnivals around the world it’s all about the costumes. In Trinidad and Jamaica, in Rio and at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, crazily colourful costumes are a big part of the fun of Carnival.

Everybody dresses up in wild and wacky outfits featuring feathers and boas and big head dresses, creating a really colourful spectacle. We want Dr. Bek’s Carnival to be the same. One day we want our little country Carnival to feature its very own parade, complete with floats!

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Carnival Games & Activities

This year, Carnival at the Vets will feature even more fun games and activities for all ages. All your favourite games are back but we’ve added some exciting new ones! From the all-time favourite, Fetch the Sausage to Find Spot’s Spots to new games like Treasure Hunt for the littlies, Carnival at the Vets 2012 promises a feast of fun for the family.

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Carnival Gifts and Prizes

Adult or child, you won’t go home empty handed from Carnival at the Vets. Get into the Carnival spirit and you’re almost guaranteed go home laden down with goodies! This year we’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure everyone is a winner at Carnival at the Vets 2012, with hundreds of free gift bags plus great prizes valued at over $2,000.

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Carnival Displays & Demonstrations

All of the games and activities at Carnival at the Vets are great fun and we know you love to get involved, but we have much more for you than games. Carnival this year will again feature some popular demonstrations, displays and stalls — something to watch while you catch your breath before the next game!

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Carnival Food & Drink

Carnival is an energetic day out, especially for the kids, but there’s plenty to eat and drink to keep your energy levels up for the next big game. The sausage sizzle will be going all day and we haven’t forgotten your pets, with a wide range of pet treats and plenty of fresh water available. All proceeds from the sale of food and soft drinks go to local animal welfare charities.

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Carnival Sponsors & Supporters

Putting on an event like Carnival at the Vets is a mammoth exercise for a small rural veterinary hospital like Alpine Animal Doctors. It just wouldn’t be possible without the very generous support of our sponsors, and the help of our supporters and Friends of Carnival.

Whether they’re a veterinary trade sponsor, a local business donating goods or service or a volunteer giving up their time for free, so many people help us out in so many ways. Together, it’s they who help make Dr. Bek’s Big Day Out for Pets a succes, and a really fun time for everyone involved.

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Microchips at Carnival

Alpine Animal Doctors have a programme that aims to see every dog and cat in the Alpine region implanted with a microchip. We really want to see that no pet from the Shire ever gets lost.
At this year’s Carnival at the Vets Dr. Bek will be offering a microchip session at a substantially reduced price.

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Carnival Photographs

Our Puparazzi photographers will be roaming the hospital grounds during Carnival at the Vets 2012, recording the whole event on both video and in still photographs. They’ll be snapping candid shots of our guests at Dr. Bek’s Big Day Out for Pets as well as recording all of the prize presentations, the crowning of the Carnival King and Queen and all of the fun of the Carnival games, contests and shows.

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About Carnival

Carnival at the Vets is one of a number of community projects initiated by Alpine Animal Doctors. Throughout the year we organise various events, open days and education programmes which are open to the public.

We get involved in these things because we love the community in which we live and work, and because we believe that a veterinary hospital is more than just a business and should also be an integral and active part of the community. Our patients are a part of your family and that makes them a part of our community too.

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Emergency services Xmas 2011-2012

Alpine Animal Hospital will be closed for the statutory Public Holidays during the Christmas/New Year period. We understand that emergencies never take a break and accidents and illness can strike at any time. Dr. Bek will be on call for locals and visitors throughout the holiday period to provide advice and emergency care for your pets or farm animals. In an emergency please call (03) 5756 2444, day or night.

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