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Carnival Photographs

Our Puparazzi photographers will be roaming the hospital grounds during Carnival at the Vets 2012, recording the whole event on both video and in still photographs. They’ll be snapping candid shots of our guests at Dr. Bek’s Big Day Out for Pets as well as recording all of the prize presentations, the crowning of the Carnival King and Queen and all of the fun of the Carnival games, contests and shows.

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Carnival Rules

Dr. Bek and the team at Alpine Animal Doctors want Carnival at the Vets 2012 to be a relaxed and happy day out with plenty of fun for all. We have just a few simple rules to ensure that everyone, including our furry friends, enjoys their day out at our Animal Hospital. We want to welcome as many

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About Carnival

Carnival at the Vets is one of a number of community projects initiated by Alpine Animal Doctors. Throughout the year we organise various events, open days and education programmes which are open to the public.

We get involved in these things because we love the community in which we live and work, and because we believe that a veterinary hospital is more than just a business and should also be an integral and active part of the community. Our patients are a part of your family and that makes them a part of our community too.

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