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Senior Wellness

Growing old disgracefully

The enormous advances in veterinary medicine and pet food formulations in recent years have been major contributors to our pets living longer, and staying active and healthy well into what we once thought of as ‘old age.’

It’s a wonderful thing that our much loved and loyal companions are staying at our sides for longer than ever before. At the same time, as we gradually lift the average lifespan into ever more giddy heights, it’s also true that we vets are seeing an increasing incidence of the specific diseases associated with ageing.

In many ways these trends are mirroring what’s happening in our human population, with our older patients more frequently coming in with obesity problems, arthritis, prostate and urinary issues, heart and kidney disease, diabetes and various cognitive disorders similar to dementia in people.

And, also just as in human age-related medicine, with a planned diet, adequate levels of exercise and, where appropriate, suitable medication, a veterinarian skilled in geriatric animal care can help your ageing pet stay healthy, happy and physically active throughout their senior years.

Dr Bek has been closely involved in geriatric animal healthcare for a number of years now and can offer clients who live with older pets a detailed knowledge of this specialised branch of veterinary medicine.

Our Senior Wellness Care program includes extensive pathology testing to accurately determine if your pet is suffering from any age-related diseases, scans and x-rays to establish the level of any joint or cartilage degeneration, diet and nutrition planning, and the development of an individual treatment plan designed to provide maximum control of any symptoms.

If you have a precious pet who is showing some signs of slowing down a little, of aches and pains or changes in their behaviour patterns, bring them to see us. There is so much we can do these days to eliminate or alleviate most of the effects of growing older.

We recommend that senior pets have more frequent examinations, usually every 6 months, or the rough equivalent of you seeing your doctor for a check up once very 2 to 3 years after you turn 60.

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