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Quarantine and Export (AQIS)

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If you are planning to take your pet out of Australia, whether for a short period or for permanent emigration, or are a breeder wishing to export animals overseas, there are various regulations and procedures you must comply with under Australia’s Export Control Act 1982 before your pet can travel overseas.

All live animals leaving Australia will need a veterinary inspection before export and most countries require various levels of treatment, testing and vaccinations before an animal can be imported.

Only an AQIS accredited veterinarian can provide the necessary certification needed for companion animal exports. Dr Bek is fully certified by AQIS (Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service) and Alpine Animal Doctors are familiar with both export and import requirements and can assist you through the whole export process.

You should contact us to discuss your plans well in advance of your intended date of export, particularly if an animal is going to a country that requires a rabies vaccination. We suggest you allow at least a 6 to 8 week period for planning.

For some countries you should talk to us earlier. For example, the UK’s Pet Passport system can eliminate the need for your animal to spend time in quarantine before you can be reunited. However, to take advantage of the Pet Passport scheme the required tests must be commenced at least 8 months before your departure.

If you intend to take an animal overseas, contacting us should be one of the first things you do once you have made the decision. The earlier the better.

Important! If you are travelling with your pet and intend to bring it back to Australia it is vital that you discuss this with us before your pet leaves the country. Animals cannot be imported, or re-imported, back into Australia from some countries. If you plan to return to Australia with your pet within 6 months of export all preparations and permits must be obtained prior to leaving.

All countries have their own specific requirements before an animal can be imported. You can check these for yourself on the AQIS ANIMEX website, or we are happy to advise you of the requirements of a particular country.

For most countries the requirements involve a range of health checks, testing and certification as well as up to date vaccinations.

Please note that all animals to be exported must have an ISO approved microchip implanted before any pre-export testing can be done.

Live animal export procedures can be daunting to the average pet owner, and even to breeders. While they can be complex they are like most things when dealing with government departments — relatively straightforward when you know how. We organise animal exports regularly and are familiar with the regulations and requirements. Please feel free to contact us for advice so we can help make what can be a frightening experience for a dog or cat, as well as a worrying time for an owner, as easy and relaxed as possible.

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