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NEW! Mini Microchips


The hospital is now using the brand new Micro-ID Mini Chip for all our animal microchipping. These tiny new microchips are 40% smaller than the standard chip, at 8.5 x 1.4 mm compared with the big old chips at 12 x 2.12 mm. The smaller size and weight means they are much less likely to migrate away from the injection site, and we can also use a much smaller needle, meaning microchipping is less invasive for your pet.

The chips are fully ISO and ICAR approved and fully registrable on all Australian databases.

Best of all, they cost no more so the price of your pet’s microchip is still lower at Alpine Animal Doctors than at other clinics.

Gone, but not forgotten

The Memorial Garden is our tribute to some special patients who have passed on. We hope you'll spend a few minutes there and keep them company for a while.

Memorial Garden

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"It was always a great comfort to both of us knowing you were always there to help all of us."
    - Michael and Helen Costollo
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