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Alpine Region fires: A safe haven for your pets


Updated Monday, 21 December 2015

While the immediate danger from the bushfire threatening Yackandandah has eased, all the signs are pointing to a long, hot, severe fire season in our region. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen but should fires get too close to home Dr. Bek and the team at Alpine Animal Doctors would like to remind pet owners in the Myrtleford, Beechworth, Yackandandah, Ovens, Porepunkah, Bright, Tawonga/Mt Beauty, Harrietville, FallsCreek and Dinner Plain that when fire threatens we throw open our hospital facilities to the community.

Our hospital facilities are available to provide a short term safe haven for your pets if you have no alternative accommodation for them, or if you decide to stay and defend but want your pets safely out of danger.

Call the hospital on 5756 2444 (after hours 0407 641 601) to make arrangements for us to take your pets if fire threatens. And check out our Facebook page (or the Facebook Feed on our home page for updates on available spaces. Stay safe.

Updated Wed, 13 February 2013.

Harrietville residents — please call the hospital (5756 2444) if you need a temporary safe haven for your pets during bushfire emergencies.

Although the bushfire affecting Harrietville, Mt Hotham, Hotham Heights, Dinner Plain and other areas in the Harrietville-Alpine South region is still burning out of control all of our temporary guests at the hospital have now been either reunited with their anxious owners or moved to longer term safe havens while their owners assess the ongoing situation.

We had a number of dogs and cats as well as a pet bunny, guinea pig and a ferret brought to us to keep them out of harms way during the emergency. We’re happy to report that they were all well behaved and quite comfortable during their unexpected stay at the hospital — although we did have to keep the curious ferret from mixing with everyone else!

We have been asked by a number of local residents if our ‘safe haven’ for pets will also be available in the event of emergencies or natural disasters in other local towns in the region. The answer is, yes, definitely.

We know how anxious animal lovers get about the safety of their precious pets during these emergencies, and how important it is that people, especially those who are out fighting the fires, are able to focus on protecting others and their families and homes without worrying about their animals

Wherever possible we will always make the facilities at the hospital available to all residents during emergency situations, whether or not they are clients of ours.

If we can do our bit to help keep animals, domestic or native, safe from harm during these emergencies we will.

We would also like to remind our clients that access to affected towns can be difficult during these times and if you need a house call it may not be possible for a vet to get to you easily or safely. Please try to give us as much notice as you can.

As we upload this post we are hearing that two firefighters have been tragically killed while working on the Harrietville blaze. There is little information as yet but if the reports prove to be accurate we extend our deepest sympathies to the families of those killed while working to help protect all of us in the Alpine Region.

Initial post, 23 January 2013.

The bushfire burning at Mt. Feathertop is currently travelling in a south easterly direction and is expected to impact Hotham Heights, Harrietville anytime within the next 24 hours

The incident remains a ‘Watch and Act’ for residents of Harrietville, Falls Creek and Davenport Village. If a forecast wind change on Friday increases the current risk some residents may wish to evacuate.

If you live in the area and have pets Alpine Animal Hospital can provide a short term safe haven for a number of dogs and cats if you have no alternative accommodation for them, or if you decide to stay and defend but want your pets safely out of danger.

If we run out of space at the hospital we have made arrangements with Appletree Boarding Kennels to accommodate any overflow.

Please call the hospital on 5756 2444, or  0407 641 601 after hours, to make arrangements for us to take your pets if the situation worsens.

Stay safe,

Dr. Bek