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Grooming & Hydrobathing

Hello, beautiful!

Our services extend further than our superb clinical and surgical facilities. We can also keep your precious pooch or your cherished cat looking gorgeous.

In our ‘beauty salon’ our trained beauticians can give your pet a thorough makeover that includes trimming their claws, a cut and clip for a sensational new ‘hair style’ as well as a thorough ‘shampoo and blow wave’ in our hydrobath facility.

Seriously, while it’s true that your pet will come out of our grooming area looking fresh and clean, there is a more practical reason to keep your pets well groomed, and to have that grooming done at the hospital.

Not everybody has the time to do it at home but it’s important to keep pets, particularly those with long-haired coats, clean and correctly clipped, and to ensure their claws don’t grow too long.

Our nurses are trained not only to bathe and groom your pets correctly, they also know how to choose the most suitable grooming products, how to recognise any potential skin problems, to spot ticks and to check for any ear infections that might be hidden under a long, shaggy coat. Our standard hydrobath service includes an ear clean, nail trim and anal gland check. Any lumps, bumps or anything unusual that might impact on your pet’s future health is noted and referred to the client if our nurses feel your pet might need to see the vet.

To book grooming services please call the hospital.

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