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Genetics and breeding

Fertile ground

Alpine Animal Doctors are experts in reproductive issues, genetics and inheritable conditions. We offer a wide range of services to registered breeders and individuals wishing to ensure successful conception and whelping.

Our services include fertility testing and health checks of the mother and babies throughout the pregnancy using our ultrasound facilities.

We can help with natural, artificial and surgical insemination, using fresh, chilled or frozen semen, and assist in birthing including Caesarian surgery and post-whelping management and care.

Fertility testing: The most common reason for a failure to fall pregnant is a mis-timed mating. Using the facilities in our in-house Pathology Lab we can measure the progesterone level of your bitch to ascertain the optimal time for mating.

Studies have shown that observing days in season, discharge colour, vulva size or male interest are all inaccurate methods of assessing when a bitch is ready to mate, and that progesterone assays greatly increase conception rates. Using an immunoassay machine to measure the serum progesterone levels of in-season bitches means they can be inseminated at precisely the correct time, maximising their chances of a successful pregnancy.

Reproductive treatments: For animals with suspected reproductive problems we can offer a complete diagnostic work up including uterine biopsies, ovarian follicular flushing and examination for ovarian cysts or cancers.

Semen collection service: We offer a full semen collection service. On most days we will have an in-season bitch in the hospital to act as a ‘teaser’, or you can bring your own seasonal bitch. If you intend to do this please advise us when you book your appointment, and be sure you keep the prospective sire and bitch well separated while travelling, preferably in a separate trailer.

If there are known or suspected fertility problems we can carry out a full investigative program and a detailed semen assessment.

Semen collection and assessment appointments generally take no more than 30 minutes.

Semen freezing service: At Alpine Animal Doctors we are certified to use the Camelot semen freezing system and use only the high quality Camelot extenders to produce pelleted semen packaged into screw capped vials, with each vial containing one insemination unit.

Freezing a semen collection takes about two hours to complete. When the final pellets are formed we thaw one out to assess its post thaw motility. A pellet thawed immediately after full freezing has occurred will have exactly the same characteristics as when thawed after a month, a year or ten years. From this ‘test’ pellet we can calculate how many ‘splits’ are feasible.

When contemplating having the semen of a prospective sire frozen you should consider his recent history. Ideally he should have had a mating or a semen collection in the two months prior to your collection appointment. If he has gone six months or more without sexual activity the initial semen sample may be of inferior quality. If you need advice or assistance in establishing the optimal time please contact Dr Bek.

Genetic research at Alpine Animal Doctors

In keeping with our mission to build a true centre of excellence for the delivery of animal healthcare, we do more than offer innovative and top quality veterinary services to our clients and patients. At the hospital we have our own research centre, where we undertake projects aimed at advancing veterinary treatments for animals everywhere.

As a breeder of Neapolitan Mastiffs herself, Dr Bek has a deep interest in genetics and inheritable diseases. She collaborates with research groups all over the world and, in the last year, discovered a previously unknown genetic disease affecting Tenterfield terriers. She is now working with Professor John C. Fyfe, D.V.M., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Michigan State University, to develop a buccal swab for DNA testing of the disease.

Although this kind of research takes precious time out of an already very busy schedule, at Alpine Animal Doctors we believe it is important that veterinarians be involved in the wider advancement of veterinary science, and in continual further education and study to ensure we stay on top of the latest innovations and developments in veterinary medicine.

By making certain that all of our veterinarians and staff are continually engaged in learning and collaboration with others across the world, ultimately, our involvement in research and study directly benefits our clients and patients.

Alpine Animal Doctors are also AQIS Certified and can assist with export of semen and live animals.

At Alpine Animal Doctors we're building a centre of excellence for the delivery of animal health care. Learn more about our superb facilities....

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