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Bath Time for Turner

Turner, before and after grooming 

Meet Turner, Dr Bek’s much loved 12-year old West Highland Terrier. Like most of her breed she’s hyperactive and spends her days playing with the Neapolitan Mastiffs who also call the hospital home. Playing outside she can get get very dirty, and needs regular bathing and grooming to avoid her disappearing under a cocoon of mud and dirt.

Today’s excavation of Turner’s regular accumulation of grime provides a good demonstration of the grooming and hydrobathing services available at the clinic, one of the many services we offer in addition to our expert clinical and surgical veterinary services.

Having your pets groomed regularly at the clinic means much more than just keeping them looking clean and beautiful. Our grooming services are carried out by trained nurses and include thorough checks for any potential skin problems, ticks and for any ear infections that might be hidden under a long, shaggy coat. Our standard hydrobath service also includes an ear clean, nail trim and anal gland check. Any lumps, bumps or anything unusual that might impact on your pet’s future health is noted and referred to the client if our nurses feel your pet might need to see the vet.

To book your pets in for a great grooming experience please call the clinic on 03 5756 2444. For more details of our ‘beauty salon’ services for pets check out this page.