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Alex goes walkabout …again

Alex and Dr. Bek

Updated Thursday, 19 July 2012. He’s back. The little pink reprobate turned up this morning, casually grazing on the front lawn while he waited for someone to give him breakfast and put him to bed.

He was as hungry as a horse but otherwise fine. Talked to us all and clearly, he’d had enough of his great adventure and was happy to be home! And we’re happy to have him back, safe and sound.

Alex, the clinic’s much loved resident Galah, has managed to get out of his cage and has taken off into the wide blue yonder. We’re all devastated of course, but we’re hopeful he will find his way back home.

The last time he did this he was missing for five days but, with the help of the local community, was found safe and well, just very hungry.

After all his time as a pampered hospital resident Alex is not very good at foraging for himself. His last venture into the big world outside was in summer, when there’s plenty of food around. At this time of year he’ll struggle to find much to eat.

We hope our clients and their friends will keep an eye out for him and either bring him home or let us know of any sightings. Alex will come to you if you call his name and he’s perfectly tame.

If you spot him, please bring him home. We’ll all be really grateful, especially Dr. Bek, who is deeply attached to Alex.