Meet Dr Bek’s team

Dr. Rebekah Day

Principal and Head Veterinarian, B.V.Sc, Cert (IVAS), Cert (AQIS), Cert (Cam Farms), Cert (PennHIP)

I grew up on a property in a very small country town in North Queensland. My parents indulged my love for animals by providing everything from dogs and cats to chickens and geese to horses and cattle, even a frilled-neck lizard that regularly attended the BBQs on our back lawn!

My love of the country life and large animals has meant I have spent my entire veterinary career in small, country communities, working on whatever species of animal that came through the door. I’ve dealt with many interesting animals and illnesses, including treating a lion with kidney failure, diagnosing and trying to treat a Hendra horse and, recently, discovering a previously unknown genetic disease in terriers.

I absolutely love my job and I can’t imagine working as anything else but a veterinarian, even with the after hours cases!

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Vet Nurse and receptionist, Mary Clapperton

Mary Clapperton

Veterinary Nurse

I’ve been working here at Alpine Animal Doctors as a trainee nurse since November 2011 and I love my job, even the yucky part of cleaning up the messes our sick patients sometimes make! I’m usually the first Clinical Team member you meet when you come in, or call for an appointment.

I love the variety of the work and all of the different animals I get to meet, and meeting all of the clients who visit the hospital. I’m still a learner but I’m studying hard to gain my Vet Nurse qualifications and hope to become a fully qualified nurse as soon as I can.

I live locally in my own place, but still very close to my parents, who still regularly bring me dinner!

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Phone: +61 3 5756 2444

Kaydence Hedges

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

I love animals just as much as my mum. I often can be found down the back of the clinic bandaging my toys and making them feel better.

I love growing up in a Vet clinic because I get to meet and play with lots of different animals, It’s great!

E-mail: please use our contact form
Phone: +61 3 5756 2444